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Portal Homebrewed Port Proves Android Can Have Some Teleporting Goodness Too

The fine folks at Android Police have managed to get their hands on what appears to be a homebrewed portal clone. While we’re pretty sure this will never teleport itself on the Android Market once it reaches the desks of Valve’s legal team , the work itself is quite impressive.

Using the open source Unity engine, an unknown developer(s) has managed to recreate much of the first level from the popular puzzle game. The work itself it not complete, but the concept itself is enough to arouse some excitement among fans.

Using a quick Google search, we’ve managed to track down the apk from a number suspicious looking websites and forums including the original post. The game itself runs pretty well but the graphics deserves takes the cake. Like we mentioned before, the game is currently unfinished but the prospect of revisiting GLaDOS once again on our mobile device is mind blowing. VALVe’s are you reading this?

So, if you’re feeling pretty brave hit up the source link below for some Portal goodness. You can check the game out in action in the video above as well.

Source: Link Via: Android Police

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