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Rescue a princess and bring true love back in Tappily Ever After

Pocket Gems have released their newest game onto the Android Market called Tappily Ever After. Their previous games, Tap Zoo and Tap Zoo: Santa’s Quest, have been very well received on the Android platform with Tap Zoo breaking over 1 million downloads.

This new game from Pocket Gems has you going out in an adventure to rescue Princess Primrose who has been kidnapped on her wedding day. Following in Tap Zoo’s footsteps somewhat, you will have to build an animal park in order to tame the villain’s creatures, rescue the princess and have the perfect wedding.

Tappily Ever After Features:

– Explore the incredible selection of animals around your own castle grounds!
– Cross breed animals together to create fantastic new breeds!
– Tame the villain’s creatures and get your own mythical creatures and dragons!
– Help create a fairy tale story page by page!
– Hand-drawn illustrations bring the story to life!
– Personalize your story with trees, buildings, and other decorations!
– Android tablets supported
– Works on Android 2.2+

While the storyline of having to build an animal park in order on your castle’s grounds in order to tame the villain’s creatures is a bit of a stretch when it comes to rescuing a princess, the game is still quite enjoyable if you like the casual sim type of games out there like Tap Zoo and others.

If you are a fan of Tap Zoo or any other Pocket Gems games then you will probably want to pick this new title up as well. You can grab it off of the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Pocket Gems

Android Market Link: Tappily Ever After

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