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Get your retro gaming fix with Pixel Towers from The Grey Studios

There is a new retro-style game available on the Android Market called Pixel Towers from The Grey Studios. This is a great pixel art filled game where your goal is to see how high you can build your tower, complete with tiny little pixel people in it.

To build your tower as high as you can you have to stack sections as they come onto the screen. When you think the new section is lined up with the current top of the tower, tap the screen and the section drops down, stacking on top of the previous one. You keep doing this until it gets too narrow and you miss getting at least one part of the section stacked onto the tower.

There are special sections that have different bonuses to them, usually denoted by being fully colored. Some will give you a much higher piece which raises your over building’s height while others will expand out giving you more room to stack. It is a simple game but does challenge your reflexes plus the pixel art is rather good.

So if you are up for a little retro-style gaming then you may want to check this new game out. It is completely free of charge to download and it doesn’t even have any ads which is rare these days for a free game. You can check out the game in action in the video above.

Developer Website: The Grey Studios

Android Market Link: Pixel Towers

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