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[Updated] The Valentine’s Day Android game sales list.

We mentioned yesterday that it seemed like a lot of developers were putting their games on sale to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While finding it a bit humorous that Valentine’s Day seems to be a hot day to put games on sale, we figured it would be good to compile a list of these sales.

This will be a running list that will most likely be updated throughout the day as we find more sales. Currently we know of three major ones which are from Gameloft, Alawar Entertainment and Sega. We are sure more will jump into the mix today though. For right now however, this is what we know:

– Gameloft has all their Android games on sale for $0.99 today. This sale is currently only available through their Gameloft website store and not the Android Market. As of the time of writing this, all the games are still normal price though which means the sale hasn’t started just yet. It will include all Android games, even Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. Update Feb 14th, 2012 5:00pm: Apparently this sale is only for UK residents.

– Alawar Entertainment has all of their games on sale today as well for $0.99. All their games are available on the Android Market.

– Sega has a few titles on sale today as well. Sonic CD: was $4.99 but is now $2.99, Sonic 4 Episode 1: was $3.99 but is now $1.99, and for those of you who can access it, Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition: was $2.99 but is now $0.99.

There are a couple of other titles that we found to be on sale today as well from some good indie developers. These are:

These Robotic Hearts of Mine by Alan Hazelden – $0.99
RaonDefenders by Kyungup Lim – $1.07
Bag It! by Hidden Variable Studios – $0.99. Bag It! Update Feb. 14th, 2012 10:27am: is also the free Amazon game today if you have access to the Amazon App Store. Thanks to Duffn for the heads up about Amazon

If you know of any other games on sale or developers with lots of their titles discounted for today, let us know about it in the comment below and we will add them to the list. Since we are all in the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s Day today, here is another humorous video below regarding this special day courtesy of Rockstar Games.

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