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YoYo Games drops a little Poker love onto Android in Poker Squares

There are a ton of variants when it comes to either Poker or Solitaire and now there is a game that blends both together from YoYo Games called Poker Squares. This is an interesting solitaire game where you have to make as many poker hands as you can from a deck of 25 cards.

You will have a 5×5 grid of squares in which to make as many pokers hands as you can from the deck of cards. That is it! Pretty straightforward and simply sounding although actually pulling it off can be a bit difficult.

Poker Squares Features:

– Drag and Drop controls
– Unique visual style
– Natural card layout
– Multiple Backgrounds
– Multiple Card Styles
– Special FX
– Game stats
– Highscore table
– Auto Save
– No Ads!

This is a bit different then what YoYo Games usually publishes but it is fun nonetheless. In fact if you want to kill some time, which is what solitaire games are good at, this is definitely one to try out. If you like unique solitaire games then you might want to check this one out. It is available off of the Android Market for $0.99.

Developer Website: YoYo Games

Android Market Link: Simply Poker Squares

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