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Dual-stick shooter madness has arrived in Monster Shooter

Back in January 2012 we had an exclusive hands-on preview of Gamelion’s upcoming new dual-stick shooter called Monster Shooter. For those of you who have been waiting for this game to arrive since our preview, you’re in luck. It has finally been released onto the Android Market.

For those of you who are not familiar with Monster Shooter, this is a dual-joystick shooter where you play as Dum Dum, a calm and cool alien who has had his cat stolen by another alien race. Dum Dum gets rather angry about this and gets armed to the teeth with a variety of weapon to mow down every alien in sight.

Monster Shooter Features:

– Great hand-drawn graphics with a Ren & Stimpy feel to them
– Plenty of weapons, ammo and power-ups to get
– Extra mission to complete and ranking system via OpenFeint
– Lots of levels for you to decimate monsters
– Story and Survival modes

This is a really entertaining game to play and comes with both Story and Survival modes. Once you finish the story, which you can complete extra missions along the way, you can always keep playing the game thanks to the survival mode it comes with. There are plenty of different types of monsters to deal with, some with weaknesses to certain weapons while others are not. All the monsters you kill also have unique characteristics which you have to be prepared for.

If you are up for a little shooter madness this weekend, this is definitely one game to check out. You can get a lot more detail about the game in our exclusive preview of Monster Shooter or you can just go grab it off of the Android Market for free. It is supported with in-game purchases but those are completely optional as everything can be unlocked in-game anyways. It’s mostly for unlocking levels for people who just want everything all at once.

Developer Website: Gamelion


Android Market Link: Monster Shooter

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