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SkyGoblin releases a teaser trailer from their upcoming point and click adventure game, The Journey Down

Back in December of 2011 we talked about a new point-and-click adventure game that would be coming to Android soon called The Journey Down. Developed by SkyGoblin Games, this game will actually be an episodic adventure game series.

The Journey Down also features a rather unique art style that blends traditional art that is heavily influenced by the central African Makonde and Chokwe tribes in terms of masks, carvings and thing of that nature. It gets a modern touch though as all of this cultural art is rendered in some pretty slick look 3D visuals.

In this game you will be playing as the main hero, Bwana, and his sidekick, Kito.The first episode called Over The Edge (with a total of four episodes planned), Bwana and Kito are struggling to make a buck at their run-down gas station. Everything changes though as they end up getting tangled in a plot of corruption which will also have its fair share of laughs and brainteasing adventure in it along with plenty of puzzles to solve.

As we mentioned in our previous article talking about this game, it does look pretty interesting and unique in just about every facet. Thankfully, instead of just screenshots to look over, we now have a new teaser trailer we get to watch while we wait for this game to be released. The Journey Down is still slated for release on PC and Mac for Q1 2012 while the Android and iOS versions will be released shortly after.

Developer Website: SkyGoblin

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