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Angry Birds Space gets a new trailer, actually pretty entertaining

It is no secret now that Rovio has a new Angry Birds title in the works due out next month called Angry Birds Space. With the help of NASA and National Geographic in it’s development and the fact it will use space physics giving it a whole new style of gameplay, this could be very interesting.

Well Rovio, in conjunction with NASA, have released a new trailer for Angry Birds Space which is actually pretty entertaining. Unfortunately there is no actual gameplay shown in this video so it is more of a teaser trailer really. Near the end it also shows four locations that will have some sort of special announcement when Angry Birds Space is launch, most likely an event of some sorts. You can check out the new trailer below.

One last thing to note as well, Rovio is planning a special announcement on March 8th, 2012 at 10:00am EST time which will be displayed on so we have another date to look forward to where, hopefully, we get to see some actual gameplay.

Website Referenced: Kotaku

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