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Asus’ new high-resolution screen does a little teasing before MWC 2012

If you haven’t noticed by now with the internet full of upcoming MWC 2012 news, this event is drawing near and the closer it gets, the more information is getting out about various Android devices whether it is through a leak or a company teasing a new product.

In this particular case it is Asus who is doing the teasing and it is regarding their new high-resolution screens for the Transformer tablets. Now where these new screens will be going, aside from future products, is somewhat still up in the air. The biggest rumor going around is a new beefy Transformer Prime TF700T model (a revamping of the current Prime tablet) that will sport these displays which we’ve talked about in the past back near CES 2012.

The current Transformer Prime tablet has a 1280×800 resolution and this new screen will be running at 1920×1200 which is basically twice the pixel count of the current one. Another speculation, that Android Community points out, is that this is an upcoming TF300T tablet which would be an upgraded version of the original Transformer tablet. Either way, double the pixels is always good but as exciting as this is, Android and Me points out that Samsung is working on a ridiculous 2560×1600 resolution screen.

Either way this goes, we will know for sure once Mobile World Congress 2012 starts in a few days. Check out the teaser video for all the goodness above.

Website Referenced: Android and Me

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