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[MWC 2012] Exent launches GameTanium game subscription service for Android tablets now

GameTanium from Exent is an all-you-can-eat game subscription service for Android gamers to sign up for and for a monthly fee, play all the Android games they want that happens to be available on the GameTanium platform. Until now it had only been really available for Android phones.

Now, however, Exent has finally launched the tablet optimized version of their GameTanium service for Android tablets. Not only is GameTanium an all-you-can-eat subscription service but it is also a Gaming on Demand service that is cross-platform. That means you are able to play whatever game you want on the service on your Android phone or tablet while on the go, then once you are home you can continue on with playing your game where you left off either once again on your Android device or on your TV, PC or any other connected device.

GameTanium has a pretty good catalog of games available as well with more coming on board all the time. Everything from Fruit Ninja to T-Racer HD and everything in between is available for you to play for a monthly fee. For all the lovely details, check out the press release below.

Developer Website: Exent GameTanium


Exent’s GameTanium Mobile™ Launches on Android Tablets

Company’s Vision of Anytime, Anywhere Game Play One Step Closer to Consumers Worldwide

New York – February 27, 2012 @ MWC 2012Exent’s vision of enabling anytime, anywhere game play  took another step forward today as the company unveiled the first and only all–you-can-play subscription service for tablets offering unlimited game play of dozens of the hottest games on Android, including Fruit Ninja, Baseball Superstars®, and T-Racer HD.  With this launch, Exent’s GameTanium service will now extend across all of the leading consumer electronics platforms – PCs, smartphones, TVs and tablets.

Coming off a 2011 holiday season that witnessed consumers purchasing tablets at a torrid pace, the recent exponential growth in sales promises to spur the consumption of games, which numerous studies indicate are the number one activity on tablet devices. GameTanium Mobile capitalizes on this new demand by providing consumers an easy one-stop-shop for filling up their tablets with only the latest and best graphically rich games available on the market. With mobile game play continuing its dramatic growth curve, GameTanium now offers operators the ability to leverage Exent’s world leading Games on Demand service on the two mobile platforms their consumers want most.

Exent powers the Games on Demand offerings for the world’s leading service providers.

With its suite of platform enablement options – from PC to TV to smartphone to tablets – Exent’s Built with GameTanium services give operators an incredibly “sticky” value-added service that increases average revenue per user (ARPU), strengthens brand loyalty and retention and can be merchandised in virtually limitless ways.  Combining GameTanium’s content and programming expertise with customizable elements ranging from a brandable UI to pricing and packaging, the service provides carriers with the industry’s most turnkey Games on Demand solution on the market.

For game publishers, GameTanium offers a rich channel for delivering their games across multiple platforms, increasing the life of games and royalties that games earn.  GameTanium’s exclusive catalog and merchandizing expertise also enables premium pricing by elevating superior games above the overwhelming population of game demos, spam, broken apps and just plain boring games offered in the Android Market.

“The GameTanium tablet offering is yet another step in our anytime, anywhere gameplay vision,” says Zvi Levgoren, CEO at Exent.  “We now offer our world-leading Games on Demand service across all of the platforms necessary to enable games to be played wherever, whenever and however consumers want to play them.  As a result, the service represents a great opportunity for carriers to engage their customers on a more meaningful and ultimately, more profitable level and for game publishers to drive their games more deeply into players’ lives.”

The GameTanium tablet service is available for Android tablets for a low monthly fee.  Users can start their free 3-day trial of the service by visiting from their Android device.

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