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Rovio releases a third teaser trailer for Angry Birds Space

Rovio has released another teaser trailer to promote the upcoming release of the new Angry Birds game which will be located out in space. The details about this upcoming addition to the franchise haven’t changed since we last reported on it though.

The new teaser trailer, which was spotted by AngryBirdsNest, doesn’t show any gameplay once again so we are left sitting here really wondering on how this game will play considering it will be using a new type of physics which is based off of what you would experience in space. It also once again plugs the special announcement that will be about Angry Birds Space coming this March 8th.

As you can see from the video, it really doesn’t show anything about the game although that is one cool looking Angry Bird. Hopefully that will actually be a bird in the game. Angry Birds Space is still set for a March 22nd launch time across all platforms along with retail goods themed around the game.

One last bit of information to consider, AngryBirdsNest is pointing out that Rovio mentions somewhere that the game will launch with the Samsung Galaxy Note. This could be an indication that the new 10.1 Galaxy Note is also coming March 22nd since the original Galaxy Note is already out. We were unable to find where this was stated though.

Website Referenced: AngryBirdsNest

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