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Crowdfund round-up for this week: A couple of new titles to check out

In this week’s round-up of Android games looking for crowdfunding, we take a look at our usual stomping grounds to find new titles for crowdfunding. Although it seems like this past week has been a bit slow with new additions, there are a couple that you may want to check out.

The first game that is up for crowdfunding is on Kickstarter and goes by the name SZC: Beyond Dead by Ash Jackson. Currently this game is already available on iOS and the developer is looking to get funding to bring it over to Android as well. SZC: Beyond Dead is an action platformer where you control your character, blasting past enemies in the hopes of discovering the truth as to what has happened with the terraforming project 1470.

While this is an action platformer, it does also contain some interesting look space type of physics as well. Currently the developers are looking only for $500 to get this ported over to Android. Currently there is 27 days to go. You can check the game out in the video below. All the details are available on the SZC: Beyond Dead Kickstarter page.

The second game you may want to check out is over on IndieGoGo and is called Fixie Joe and the Crazy Factory by Retromade Games Studio. This particular game is an action platformer as well but this time wrapped up in some rather good looking 3D visuals. You will be running around collecting nuts, dodging robots and dealing with plenty of obstacles in order to, at least we are guessing, save the factory of the evil robots.

According to the description, the developers are close to releasing the game and just need the additional funds to help finish it off. Currently they are looking for $6000 with 32 days left on the clock. You can check out all the details on their IndieGoGo page as well as see the game in action in the video below.

We also want to bring attention to one more game that will be released on Android, iOS and Steam simultaneously called ROBOTA. You have probably already read our previous articles on this game but the developers are still trying to get funding on what they are developing to go up against Infinity Blade. They have a pretty solid team, including Academy Award winner Doug Chiang, and the initial game looks pretty good already along with the storyline.

Currently ROBOTA is sitting at around $19,000 with 12 days left to go. You can check out all the details on the SiXiTS Kickstarter Page and our previous article on ROBOTA: Vengeance. Check out the new video below to see it in action.

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