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[MWC 2012] HandyGames giving Townsmen a re-vamping, coming soon to Android

More Mobile World Congress 2012 Android gaming news coming your way today and this time it is about HandyGames’ running Townsmen series. This series is a city building and time management mash-up that has done fairly well in the past but HandyGames plans on making it do better by re-vamping the entire thing.

The new game, simply called Townsmen, will be a bit more friendly with the user experience but HandyGames is also making sure that the deep gameplay remains intact. It will also come with re-vamp graphics which will apparently make the game look a hell of a lot better. Don’t mistaken the new visuals and friendly user experience as the game being easier though.

Townsmen will feature a bit more deeper gameplay with production chains and building management with the overall goal of establishing a flourishing town. You will have to harvest resources like food as well as manufacture finished goods. Unlike its previous predecessors though, there won’t be an evil monarch or some big bad guy you have to contend with in this new smartphone optimized version of the game.

While this will be released on Android for free with optional in-game payments available for those of you who want to use them, fast-forwarding of building times isn’t actually set on buying into the game. It is always available for you to use by spending the cash you earn in-game instead which is a rather nice feature to have. This means producing cash in-game is now much more important if you want to build faster.

No word just yet on when this will land on Android, only that it will be coming in Q2 2012.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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