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New Temple Run ‘game’ on the market is completely fake, the boldest one yet

There is yet another fake Temple Run game on the Android Market and this one is perhaps the boldest one so far, quoting reviews of the iOS version in the description and even using the developer’s name for the market account and link to the appropriate Facebook page. Don’t be fooled though, this is fake.

Simply called Temple Run by Imangi Studios, which is the actual developers name, this particular one is completely fake and is simply a countdown app with ads being pushed to your notification bar as well as at least two shortcuts being placed on your home screen. The real Imangi Studios has stated on the Temple Run Facebook page that they will give at least a week’s notice before launching the game. That was on the 25th of February and since then nothing has been mentioned.

While it would seem feasible that Temple Run would launch at the start of GDC, as the countdown in this fake app predicts, you can be sure Imangi Studios would actually announce it. Secondly, even if they did release a countdown app like this, it wouldn’t be riddled with push notification ads, icons on your home screen added and just general shadiness. You can also expect that when they do release it, there will be a much better formatted market listing then what is on there now.

For now though, this app is a fake. You can check it out through the link below to see the market listing but it is not the real game. To can be sure the real one will be added to our store as well.

Android Market Link: Temple Run

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