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Timbuktu, the bad ass racing game for Android we will likely never get to play

It appears our friends over at Pockett have spotted another case of Ilo Milo but this time with a racing game called Timbuktu. For those of you unfamiliar with the Ilo Milo situation, this was a 3D multi-directional platformer game that was supposed to come to Android. It was even demoed on Android for some time.

Well this appears to be the case with a new game called Timbuktu which is a buggy racing game set on desert and off-road tracks. Developed by two engineers for ARM to showcase their upcoming Mali chipset, Timbuktu looks to be an incredibly impressive racing game with some impressive visuals and gameplay to be enjoyed. There is one problem though and that is it may never see the light of day on the Android Market.

Demoed at MWC 2012, Timbuktu appears to be just a demo of ‘what could be’ when it comes to the Mail chipset. According to our friends at Pockett, the developers apparently don’t plan to actually release the game in any sense of the word, whether it is released as free, paid or even open source for other developers to learn from. Quite the waste of an impressive racing game. Perhaps if we make enough noise it will actually be released.

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

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