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[GDC 2012] Preview of Mass Effect Inflitrator for Android from EA

EA will be bringing some of that Mass Effect love to Android soon in a game called Mass Effect Infiltrator. Based on the Mass Effect lore, this will be a third-person shooter with some pretty impressive graphics. This will be a full featured game with voice over acting and the works.

You will be playing as an agent who defects from Cerberus and joins up with the Alliance, helping them out to reach their goals. Like any good game of this nature, you will have plenty of weapons at your disposal to help with all your enemy slaying needs. Mass Effect Infiltrator will actually benefit you in Mass Effect 3 as well since you will be able to upload your intel through the Galaxy at War system into Mass Effect 3 which will improve your Galactic Readiness Rating.

When you complete Mass Effect Infiltrator, you will also get a one-off war asset which will help you actually complete the Mass Effect 3 console game. Controls will be on-screen dual-joystick which was done to sort of mimic what you would experience playing Mass Effect 3 on consoles. Currently Mass Effect Infiltrator is available on iOS and will be coming to Android soon. To get the full details about what you will experience with this game, definitely check out the video above.

No specific release date has been announced for when this will land on Android or for how much.

Website Referenced: GamerLive TV via Twitter

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