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This week in Android Crowdfunding: More games for you to check out.

We missed the last couple of weeks with our weekly column that takes a look at Android games looking for crowdfunding on the various major sites out there that offer this sort of service. This week we have a few more Android games looking for crowdfunding plus two special gaming related projects to take a gander at.


This week we took a look at what is being offered up on Kickstarter regarding Android games needing crowdfunding. We are happy to say that a fair amount of the games we have featured in the past have been successfully funded! There happens to be a couple of new ones you may want to check out that looking interesting.

Active Duty Scenario: War –  A real-life multiplayer game being developed by Mallesh Gopalswami. The concept is pretty interesting where you can meet up with friends and play one of the variety of World PvP gameplay modes like Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. You’ll have to read the description on this one to get the full details and idea behind it. Currently looking to reach a goal of $50,000 with 26 days left.

Proppa – A team of game design students led by a profession and industry veteran are currently developing this little action game where your goal is to help the Proppas save their eggs while surviving attack from snakes. Current goal of $5,000 with 25 days to go.


IndieGoGo seems to be fairly popular when it comes to games looking for crowdfunding and we have seen some of the games we have showcased in the past be successfully funded on here as well. This week we have two new projects underway that look pretty interesting as well.

Space Break – Developed by Alex Studio, Space Break is a retro-style top-down shooter that the developers are currently wanting to bring over to Android from the HTML5 version they currently have. They are currently looking for a mere $500 in funding just to pay for the needed items to accomplish this and have 28 days to go.

Seculus – Another interesting concept for a game that is currently looking for funding. Taking the battle between Science and Religion and bringing it into a fantasy strategy game, Seculus and its developers are looking to bring back the idea of serious handheld gaming instead of just quick shots of gaming with little titles during coffee breaks. Currently looking at raising $4,500 with 55 days left.


Appbackr, for those of you who don’t know, offer something a little different when it comes to crowdfunding. Instead of getting perks for funding a project, you end up earning a profit from the sales based on what you contribute in funding. There is one game up there right now to take a look at.

Big Top Ballet – Developed by VectorBloom, this game was recently released onto iOS and has done fairly well since its release. Now VectorBloom is looking to bring this game over to Android. It is an interesting game that uses both accelerometer controls as well as touchscreen ones. Currently looking to raise as much as $15,750 with 50 days to go. VectorBloom did have a first round of funding for the iOS version on Appbackr that was also successful.

Special Projects:

For those of you who just like gaming related stuff, and we are not talking about funding PC games or anything like that, there are a couple of projects going on right now on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo you may be interested in. One is a movie about the arcade gaming scene in Japan and how it has evolved. The movie is called 100 Yen and looks like a good documentary if you are into the whole ‘history behind gaming’ type of thing. You can check out the IndieGoGo project for it for all the details and to check out the trailer (or you can watch it below). Currently looking for $20,000 in funding with 61 days left.

The second special project is for a book to go into printing called High Score: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games but this will be the third edition of the book. High Score 3, as we are calling it, will feature a lot of big named contributors from the gaming industry such as David Perry, Chris Taylor, Lorne Lanning, Tommy Tallarico, Steve Meretzky, John Romero, Brenda Brathwaite, Bill Budge, Greg Johnson, Lou Castle, Eugene Evans, Jeff Tunnell, Gordon Walton, Carter Lipscomb, Trip Hawkins, Will Wright, Sid Meier and Peter Molyneux. There are more to come, including CliffyB and Warren Spector.

Again, if you dig the whole ‘history behind gaming’ type of media then you might want to check this project out as well. Currently looking for $25,000 in funding with almost half of that already funded with 14 days to go. All the details can be found on the Kickstarter page for High Score 3.

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