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ErnCon multiplayer shooter officially launches, celebrates with free in-game currency

Back near the end of February we talked about Woo Games and their newest title called ErnCon which is a multiplayer space shooter for Android. At that time it was launching in open beta for everyone to try out. Now it is officially launching and due to the success of the open beta, Woo Games is giving away free in-game currency.

To recap what ErnCon is, it is a hectic and crazy space shooter that is also pretty original in its idea to have multiple players flying around shooting at the same time. Multiplayer is online and not local and, of course, you won’t be working with the other players but going after them instead. You can have up to 8 players in any particular match so it can definitely get a bit crazy.

ErnCon Launch Features:

– Epic space combat battles
– Easy multiplayer setup – just choose a mission and start playing right away
– No waiting for lobbies to fill up, no waiting for space to open in over-crowded games
– Earn cash and XP to unlock and purchase new fighters, robots, and weapons
– Earn XP to unlock new multiplayer missions
– Integrated with Swarm
– Add friends and send them boosts to help them in combat. Friends can send back boosts in return!
– 3 additional missions (total of 5 playable multiplayer missions at launch) — FREE
– 4 new weapons, 6 new “Elite” fighters and robots for expert players – also FREE
– Achievements
– Full tablet support
– In-app purchases via Google Play
– Custom-colored fighters and robots available for in-app purchase
– One-player Survival Mode
– Survival Mode leaderboards

There are a variety of ships and robots you can use along with a nice selection of weapons such as Homing Missiles, Seeking Mines, Rail Guns, Attack Drones and more. Also, there happens to be plenty of customization you can do to your ship not just with equipment and weapons but also with color in order to differentiate yourself from other players.

To celebrate a successful open beta and the official launching of ErnCon on android, Woo Games will be giving everyone who downloads the game in the next two weeks $1 of in-game currency. After the next two weeks, starting April 4th, anyone who downloads the game will receive $0.50 of in-game currency. Even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, you can actually purchase premium content with that in-game currency. If you are ready to get some crazy space shooter action going on, you can grab ErnCon from our catalog or off Google Play for free.

Developer Website: Woo Games

Android Market Link: ErnCon

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