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Preview of what crafting in Minecraft: Pocket Edition could very well look like.

One of the big things everyone is waiting for to finally arrive in Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android is crafting. Now we have an idea of what it could very well look like thanks to a tweet early this morning from Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan.

While it may not be wonderfully graphical or anything, and may even look a bit bare, the image below was tweeted by Daniel Kaplan to show what could very well end up being the interface for crafting in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Of course the picture is not the final product so the interface could very well change.

It’s good to see crafting is being worked on and this could also mean that the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition could end up having either limited or full crafting brought along with it. Bare looking or not, we will be very happy once crafting comes to the game.

Website Referenced: Daniel Kaplan Twitter

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