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Sega releases 13 Genesis titles onto OnLive, more coming this week as well

Sega last week released eleven Sega Genesis console titles onto OnLive for people to enjoy, two games today and have even more planned for the future as well. While most OnLive users on Android won’t be able to play these using a touch screen, Xperia Play owners and gamers who have the Universal Remote gamepad will be able to enjoy these games.

Last week Sega dropped eleven Genesis games onto OnLive for gamers to enjoy and today two more have landed. That isn’t all though! Sega apparently will be releasing another 8 Genesis games onto OnLive this week and plan to have a total of 40 available after 30 days starting back on the 19th of March with the original 11 games being released. All these Sega Genesis games will be available through the OnLive PlayPack feature gamers can subscribe to.

Here is the complete list of Sega Geness games available so far:

– Space Harrier™ II
– Ecco the Dolphin™
– Golden Axe™
– Crack Down™
– Shinobi™ III: Return of the Ninja Master
– Vectorman
– Comix Zone™
– Altered Beast™
– Shadow Dancer™
– Sonic 3D Blast
– Gain Ground™
– Galaxy Force II™
– Kid Chameleon™
– Eternal Champions™
– Alex Kidd™ in the Enchanted Castle
– Columns™
– Ecco™ Jr.
– Super Thunder Blade™
– Ristar™
– Sonic Spinball
– Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

That brings the total to 21 Sega Genesis games that will be available by the end of this week through the PlayPack on OnLive, most of which are available right now. That leaves another 19 Genesis games to make their way onto OnLive over the next couple of weeks. If you dig retro games and have an Xperia Play, Universal Remote gamepad or have been able to rig up another controller to work, you have plenty of games to have fun playing.

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