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Soulcraft Action-RPG drops the Tegra exclusivity and the THD tag with new version

The action-RPG title from MobileBits called Soulcraft THD has now dropped the Tegra exclusivity and is now available for non-Tegra based Android devices. Currently still in an open beta status, Soulcraft was originally released for Tegra-based Android devices for free.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, you run around in a top-down perspective battling it out against waves of enemies using your weapons and abilities. If you have played other games like Diablo II, then the concept and gameplay should feel fairly familiar. The storyline goes like this, Humans, Demons and Angles are all battling against each other. Humans are close to dscovering the secret of immortality which both demons and angles do not want to happen. Of course demons and angles are natural enemies as well but the humans are not going down without a fight either. All want to rule over Earth.

Currently you can play as only the Angles race but when the game comes out of beta, you will be able to play all three races. Locations, or levels, are based off of real world locations and since the games initial release, more locations have been added to the game. Updates have been pushed out every few weeks since its launch as well, slowly adding more content and features.

With the release of Soulcraft for non-Tegra devices, now a lot more people will be able to play. Have no feat though, it is still a free-to-play game supported by optional in-game purchases. You don’t have to spend any money though if you don’t want to. Hit up the link below or jump to our catalog if you want to start playing Soulcraft on your non-Tegra device.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Google Play Link: Soulcraft

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