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Android developer scams players by using popular games as bait

There’s a developer within Google Play that you should watch out for. They’re called Free Games Apps Devlopers! (their spelling), and they currently have six “games” under their belt. Free Games Apps Devlopers! is running scams on unsuspecting users by making them think they’re downloading games, but they’re really just bombarding players with spam.

I discovered Free Games Apps Devlopers! while exploring the “top new free” games section in Google Play. The first game I came across from this developer was Dance Dance Revolution. Since Dance Dance Revolution is associated with Konami, I thought it was very unlikely Free Games Apps Devlopers! had legitimate rights to port the game to Android.

After searching for more apps by this developer, I came across pages for Centipede, Space Invaders, Pole Position, Funny Run Jerry Run (based on Tom and Jerry), and Funny Happy Wheels Games. That’s when I knew something was amiss. The reviews for each of these games are consistent across the board. Free Games Apps Devlopers! require users to rate the games before they can play. In the meantime, players are treated to ad after ad until they can’t take it anymore. The actual game is merely a facade.

The damage isn’t done simply by closing the games either. Some of the permissions that must be agreed to before downloading are simply outrageous.

– Coarse (network-based)
– Location Fine (GPS) Location
– Read SMS or MMS
– Full Internet Access
– Read Contact Data Read Phone State and Identity
– Modify/Delete USB Storage Contents Modify/Delete SD Card Contents
– Discover Known Accounts
– View Network State
– View Wi-Fi State Automatically
– Start at Boot

There’s no reason to believe Free Games Apps Devlopers! is up to anything good. You can check out a link to all of this developer’s app at the link below.

Source: Google Play

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