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Details on future features and updates for Temple Run on Android

Now that Temple Run is out and a majority of people can play it on Android, some people are now wondering what is in store for this rather popular continuous running game from Imangi Studios. So what can we expect in the future for Temple Run? Here is a glimpse into that future.

Speaking to PocketGamer in an interview, Imangi Studios outlined what will be possibly coming in the future for Temple Run. Along with more device compatibility, which is the primary concern right now along with squashing any bugs, there will be new content on the way. This includes new characters, power-up, objectives and possibly even new environments which could make their way into the game soon.

We’re working on adding more objectives, characters and power-ups. [Chopped out stuff about iOS here] Lots of people also want to see new environments, which is a much bigger deal because the whole game was skinned around the temple – the menus, fonts, end game cartoons, etc. We’re thinking about how to add different environments and make them work organically with the game and not look like something tacked on.

We’re also working on bringing Temple Run to every possible device. I think we’ve gotten emails from owners of every possible device wanting Temple Run. Android is first, then we’ll start tackling everything else.

So there you have it. Soon we could see some new environments which would be nice. Unfortunately there is no time frame for when these will arrive but device compatibility seems to be at the top of the list for right now. Hit up the link below to read the full interview with PocketGamer.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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