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DroidGamers News: This is what happened to us over the past few days

Alright so as many of you may know, we experienced some technical difficulties the past starting Thursday of last week and it took roughly two days to fix everything and get back up and running. In that short period of time, many of you, like myself, were probably rocking back and forth in a corner dribbling on yourself not due to not getting your DroidGamers news fix. Well here is what happened.

I sort of explained the situation a bit on Twitter and Google+ so for those of you who follow us on there, you already have an idea of what happened. Basically some twit, whether through an ad from AdSense or just some one who stumbled across out site, decided to use an injection and change some files on our server. While this actually didn’t break into any accounts or anything like that, it did modify some system files which, in turn, would re-direct users coming to our site to some site in Russia where it would try and get you to install some malware by saying your computer was infected.

While this Malware was really amateur due to the fact that you could just click “No” on the little pop-up, the re-direct itself was a pain in the ass to get rid of. Everyone who got re-directed to the other site are fine unless for some reason you clicked Yes to installing the malware program. In this day and age I hope everyone knows not to do that though. The problem is fixed though and our software has been updated so it shouldn’t happen again.

When this happened Thursday though, I also had an emergency dental appointment where I had three teeth pulled. As you can imagine, dealing with this and having that many teeth pulled all at once made things a little difficult when dealing with what should have been a simple procedure to restore out back-up and move along with life and get back to posting. During the initial back-up restore, one file was missed and that, in turn kept re-directing people. I had to use a back-up further in the week instead (Wednesday morning) which made us lose all of Wednesdays and Thursdays posts. It sucks but such is life. All told, I spent 40 hours awake working on all of this to get it back up and running as fast as possible and tried to keep everyone up-to-date on what was happening.

Saturday and Sunday I worked on updating our software and trying to catch up on some sleep when I had some spare time to do so. Things will be business as usual starting today and I actually have been working on a new layout for the site as well which should go live later this week. While we love our readers here at DroidGamers, I have to say we now have a new found love for all of you with how supportive you all were during this entire ordeal.

So from all of us here at DroidGamers, I’d like to say thank you for all the support everyone showed while we were dealing with this mess. As a thank you, we are going to try and hopefully round up some devices this week to give away on the site to a few lucky winners. Until then though, I’m happy to be back in action providing dedicated Android games and gaming news!

P.S. All those features we mentioned in our update post on Wednesday, which no longer exists now, are still happening and launching this week. Plenty of work to do but have no fear, we will be launching it all!

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