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Gameloft finally unleashes Dungeon Hunter 3 onto Android

One game a lot of people have been waiting for is the third installment into the Dungeon Hunter series of games from Gameloft. Well the wait is finally over as Gameloft has launched the newest addition to the series onto Google Play.

Dungeon Hunter 3 is the newest member of the Dungeon Hunter family, a series of games that is fairly similar to Diablo II. The difference though is that Dungeon Hunter 3 take place in arena style settings where you are battling hordes of monsters, and rather large bosses, in order to save Gothicus.

Dungeon Hunter III Features:

– Rediscover the thrilling hack ‘n’ slash action gameplay that made the franchise so popular. Epic real-time fighting will provide your daily dose of fun!
– Hack your way through 16 different arenas, each of which can be challenged at 5 different levels of difficulty to provide optimal replay value.
– Choose any arena you’d like to revisit at any time and improve your best score! Or enter our daily challenge to see if you can beat the best score and earn great rewards for your achievements.
– Deep character customization: Choose from 4 new classes – Warlord, Astromancer, Trickster or Shaman – and for the first time in Dungeon Hunter you can even choose the gender of your hero.
– Over 1,000 items to unlock throughout the adventure or buy them right from the start if you can’t wait. Will you become the most powerful hero?
– Gain experience points with each completed arena and unlock new skills and new fairy attacks as you level up.
– Visit 4 fantastic worlds set within a dark fantasy universe. Gothicus will never cease to amaze you!
– The graphics take full advantage of your device with refined textures, advanced shaders, beautiful lighting effects and super-fluid animations to make a stunning 3D game experience.
– Astounding visual effects like motion blur, real-time distortion, dynamic particles and more make your special attacks stunning to see in the heat of battle.

As you can see from the rather extensive features list, there is a ton of items to unlock and use in your battles, plenty of character customization along with four classes you can choose to play, and visuals that look much better then the previous two Dungeon Hunter games.

The biggest change with Dungeon Hunter 3 is that it is a freemium game unlike the first two games. While this is a freemium game, Gameloft told us when we met up with them during CES 2012 that in-game purchases would be optional and well balanced. With that said, you can head over to the Google Play Store and download Dungeon Hunter 3 for free.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Google Play Link: Dungeon Hunter III

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