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Hands-on with EA’s Battlefield Bad Company 2 for non-Xperia Play devices

We get interesting things in the mail once in awhile and yesterday we got the non-Xperia Play copy of EA’s Battlefield Bad Company 2 game which has been available for the Xperia Play for some time now but exclusively for the Xperia Play. Well it looks like an official version for all other Android devices may be on the way.

First things first though. This is not the Battlefield game you may have read about on the Tegra Zone website which is Battlefield 3: Aftershock. That game, even though it was reported to be heading our way, at least for Tegra-based devices, will most likely not arrive at all. EA pulled that game from the iOS store due to huge amounts of technical difficulties and have no plans on re-releasing it. This means the Android version will also most likely never come.

However, Battlefield Bad Company 2 was released on the Xperia Play last year and although we are sure some devs out there have managed to port it to non-Xperia Play devices, nothing official has come to light. Now that may be changing and so we decided to film our hands-on with this game on our LG G2X. Sit back and enjoy the video as we run through the first mission in its entirety. No word yet on when this will be released for other Android device. This could also be only for Tegra-based devices.

Thanks to the anonymous tipster!

Developer Website: EA Mobile

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