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OnLive offers up a selection of game for up to 75% off a full lifetime pass

OnLive has fired up an Easter Sale where you can get a selection of games that you can stream to any of your devices for up to 75% the price of a lifetime pass. Basically what this means is that once you buy a lifetime pass for a game, you can stream it to any device you own for an unlimited amount of time, as long as OnLive is online.

While most of these games, if not all, do not come with touch screen controls, you can still play them on your Android device with OnLive installed if you have the Universal Remote gamepad, an Xperia Play or use any number of methods for setting up a game controller / bluetooth keyboard and mouse to play them.

There are plenty of other subscription services available but a lifetime pass for $3.75 for Orcs Must Die! is pretty much a win right there. To check out all the deals just jump on over to the OnLive Store and browse through the games you want to open up your wallet to.

Website Referenced: Android Police

Official Website: OnLive Store

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