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Gameloft has two games in the works for Android, Dark Kings and Shark Dash

Our friends over at Pockett have told us that Gameloft is developing, and mostly likely close to releasing, two new games for mobile including Android. In fact Gameloft has been teasing one of the games, called Shark Dash, on Google+ for the past couple of weeks with pictures of sharks and witty sayings.

While we have little to no information about either Shark Dash, or the other game called Dark Kings Free+, we do know that some users are able to play these games already. Whether this is some sort of closed beta testing or a location specific release for right now is unknown. We do know the games exist though since we have seen at least one person on Twitter posting that they are playing them along with links to the Gameloft WAP store.

If you are able to nab a copy of these games, let us know what they are like and how they look. Until then though, we will continue digging for more information. We can only provide the link for Dark Kings Free+ since the user we found has delete the tweet for Shark Dash. Searching for it may still turn it up though on the Gameloft WAP Store.

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

Gameloft WAPStore Links: Dark Kings Free+

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