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New unique action platformer Gunman Clive released onto Android

From the developer of Helium Boy, Bertil Hörberg has released another game onto Android, this time in the form of a western themed action platformer called Gunman Clive. This is one of those indie games we tend to enjoy that, aside from being a fun game, has unique visuals to look at as well.

Gunman Clive will have you dive deep into the wild west in some side-scrolling shooting action where you control Clive, a gunman who is out to rid the land of thugs and bandits while trying to rescue the mayor’s daughter. The visuals, as we mentioned earlier, are a mix of hand-drawn art rendered in full 3D. This gives the game a neat retro-ish type of feel to it with lots of depth thanks to it all being rendered in 3D. It is similar to cell shading but without the shading.

Gunman Clive Features:

– Old school sidescrolling action
– Full 3D graphics
– Unique sketch shaded artstyle
– Dozens of different enemies
– Epic boss battles

There is a total of 16 levels to jump and shoot your way through, complete with big boss battles to enjoy as well. For Xperia Play owners, Gunman Clive is also Xperia Play optimized so you can play the game with those physical controls your device comes with.

If you are up for a unique platformer to play, you may want to check this new offering from Bertil Hörberg. You can download it off of the Google Play Store for $1.99. You may also want to check out his other game called Helium Boy.

Developer Website: Bertil Hörberg

Google Play Link: Gunman Clive

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