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Google introduces augmented reality glasses dubbed Project Glass

Google was rumored to be working some kind of futuristic wearable technology for quite some time. Today, the company has finally revealed what the minds inside Google [x] have been working on. Project Glass is an initiative to create technology that is even more a part of our everyday lives than anything ever seen before.

Project Glass is being presented to the public as a stylish glasses frame that has a small screen which sits below the frame. These glasses perform many of the same functions as smartphones do today, but in an infinity more futuristic way.

In a video, Google shows what Project Glass could be like once it has reached perfection. These glasses can handle phone calls, respond to text messages, record video, playback music, monitor the weather and more. These functions are activated by voice, but who knows what other kind of input methods Google will come up with. Everything you interact with is imposed right in front of your eye. It’s like the next generation of augmented reality technology.

Project Glass appears to be a major part of the post-smartphone era. There’s no telling when such as thing will come to market, but I’m confident this or something similar will appear in our lifetime.

Source: Google+

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