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This Week in Android Crowdfunding: Games, controllers and yes, more games.

Welcome to another edition of our Crowdfunding series where we take a look at some of the projects developers are hosting on some of the major crowdfunding sites regarding Android games and gaming. This week Kickstarter seems to have really picked up with the Android-based projects.


We have already talked about a couple of Kickstarter Android projects this week but there are more notable ones currently under way as well. So far this week we have talked about the Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter project which would see the new game come to Android as well as a new bluetooth mobile game controller called The DRONE also looking for funding. You can read about those two projects on their respective articles. So let’s showcase some of the other projects going on looking for funding.

– Journey Pets by Maverick Gaming: This particular game is a pet catching, training and combat game slated for Android. Fans of Pokemon type games will be happy with this one as it comes with some pretty unique features including a GPS enabled pet encountering system, Online ranked battle arenas (PvP), interactive real-time graphical gameplay and more. For more details on Journey Pets you can check out their Kickstarter Page or the official Journey Pets website. Currently sitting at just over $10k with a goal of $80,000 with 52 days to go. Very promising project.

– Chuck’s Challenge 3D by Niffler: Based off of the 2D game, Niffler plans to make a new game in 3D using Unity3D for PC and Mac. While you may be wondering why the hell we are talking about it here, it is because the CEO of Niffler has stated it will be porting the game after the initial release to both Android and iOS. Chuck’s Challenge 3D is a great looking maze / puzzle game with some nice cell-shaded visuals. Head over to their Kickstarter page for more information. Currently this project is looking for $12,500 in funding with 25 days left.

– Dragons Vs Unicorns by Digital Harmony Games: This is actually a title we have talked about a few times over the past few months. This is a turn-based strategy game with Ren & Stimpy style of art which looks like it will be a lot of fun to play. The developers need a little extra funding to finish the game and have set a goal of $45,000 with 24 days to go. Check out their Kickstarter page for more details.

– Lil Sherman by Floppy Entertainment: This is a great looking action strategy game with some unique cartoon like visuals which is slated for release onto Android and iOS if it reaches the funding goal of $20,000. With 21 days to go, there is still a good chance this game could get funded. Definitely check out their Kickstarter project for all the details.

There are a few other titles that are on Kickstarter that are looking for funding as well so don’t be afraid to do a search for Android and check out what else is out there in need of funding.


IndieGoGo usually has a fair amount of Android related projects looking for funding as well. We encourage anyone looking to help fund Android games to do a search and check out some of the games we have previously talked about that are on IndieGoGo. While there are some new games looking for funding this week, one really caught our eye.

– Bravery Story by ASYN: Bravery Story is a mix of time management and tower defense gaming all rolled up into one title. It is actually already available but the developer is looking to update the game with more content so is looking for a little funding to help with that. Check out the IndieGoGo project page for more details. Currently the goal is $3,000 with 24 days to go.

That is it for this week’s look at Android games needing funding on various crowdfunding sites. Of course this is just a selection of what is available so definitely check out what else is on these sites from Android game developers who are looking for funding. If you spot a good project that you think we should include in next week’s round-up, let us know!

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