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While in Rome… Romance of Rome Game Review

Romance of Rome is a new hidden object game from Herocraft. While I do not play a lot of hidden object type games, this game is nicely done and quite enjoyable. So let’s get into the review shall we?

Title: Romance of Rome | Developer: Herocraft| Genre: Casual | Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.10| Size: 3.6 MB | Price: $1.99 |

Your job in Romance of Rome is to complete tasks, find lost items but specifically the lost imperial relics. The more you accomplish the better your standing in Rome and the better your popularity. The game starts out  you are a simple Roman citizen and you meet along the road and you learn that your help is needed in finding certain objects.

The game is broken up into Episodes, with each episode containing numerous Roman locations. Each location has a number of objects to find and bonus achievements. The game keeps track of what you have found and what you still need to so you won’t get lost. You will find many times though that you need to go to another location to find a specific object to allow you to clear the previous location. Overall there are 30 levels within 7 episodes. One nice thing is that you do not have to play the locations (within an episode) in any particular order.

Where does the romance come in? Well as mentioned earlier you start off as a simple Roman citizen (street peasant) and as you complete more quests you earn money and stature so you move your way up the social ladder and try to win the heart of the Roman Emperor’s daughter. For example, after Episode 1, you have to go into your purse and purchase numerous items (clothing etc) before you can move on to the next episode.

Overall, I like the story line aspect of the game. I also like that the game is not freemium- no annoying ads. The graphics are excellent and there are variety of different locations you can explore in the game. I did find the game a bit hard to play on the small screen. Many times the location or areas of it seemed dark and the hidden objects being small, tough to find.  Now you do have the ability to zoom in also but I think the game works better on tablets. (Maybe I need glasses?) If you having trouble finding an object, you can hit the “arrow” button to point you in the right direction, which I did a few times.


Within the game you can have multiple profiles and it does support 7 languages. There is a achievement section so you can see which relics you have found, what trophies earned and your current social status. Overall Herocraft has done a nice job with this game.  If you enjoy hidden object games, you will want to try Romance of Rome. The storyline and additional trophies to find add to this game, as does the excellent graphics. As with any of these types of games, the replay value seems limited, but for $1.99 it is not too bad. So head over to Rome, go find the relics and get the girl! When in Rome….

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