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Shadowrun Returns goal extended, more features announced for the game

As you may know already from us talking about the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter project, this game will be coming to PC, Android and iOS tablets when it is released thanks to the initial $400,000 in successful funding. Topping over the $700k mark right now, new features have been announced along with a new set of features that will be added if the Kickstarter project breaks the $1 million mark.

So what is in store for Shadowrun Returns now that it has passed the $700k mark in funding? Well for one it will now being coming to Mac. It will also be translated into a few additional languages including Spanish, German and French. Also Riggers will now be added to the game along with the drones they control which should add a new level of fun and gameplay dynamics. These are confirmed for the game and will be included when it is released.

Should the Kickstarter project reach the $1 million they will add some kick-ass music from the NES/Genesis days, improved level editor and an entirely new city to the game, making the total amount of cities available at two instead of just Seattle. This new city will also be voted on by the backers of the project. One thing to note though, Linux support, multiplayer and cooperative play will not be included in the initial game release but could come in a future update.

Source: Shacknews

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