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Madfinger Games looking for the next badass enemy for SHADOWGUN sequel

While we patiently wait for the promised upcoming multiplayer update, Madfinger Games have been taking a break from the spotlight. While they’ve kept the hungry and potential rioting mobile gamers at bay with the “Leftover” expansion pack, I, among many others, have been getting an itch to blast away more enemies. While details are still scarce on the “Deadzone” multiplayer downloadable content, the Czech-based company is already thinking ahead.

In an e-mail, Madfinger Games reveals that they are looking to directly involve fans for Shadowgun’s inevitable sequel. Running between today and April 30th, you have the chance to mold John Slade’s new nemesis. By commenting on their Facebook fan page on your ideal enemy, from name, powers, abilities and back story, you hold the power to influence where the series may go. Top three ideas will score some of these bad ass t-shirts courtesy of Madfinger Games.

We appreciate Madfinger Games open forum so we urge you to voice your ideas. Few companies offer direct involvement and it’s a treat to get your ideas come to life. As for me I hope to see some Gears of War like Marcus Fenix for some close hand to hand chain saw combat.

Hey Madfinger Games, any chance we can get Shadowgun: Deadzone release date?

Contest Page: Facebook

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