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Modified version of the Google Play store application removes location-based restrictions

We talk about games on a fairly regular basis that end up being released initially with restrictions on what countries can download it or are just a location exclusive title permanently. This happens a lot with some really great games that happen to end up being for Japan Android users only.

Usually this can be bypassed by using one of a few applications available that will essentially trick the Google Play store into thinking you are for that location. Applications such as Market Unlocker or Market Enabler are prime examples of applications that accomplish this. However, now there is a nicely modified Google Play store .apk file available over at XDA by a member going by the name of Deeco7 which removes the location-based restrictions.

The application, which is called Vending.apk on your device, allows you to download any game or application on the Google Play store even if it restricted to a specific location. Of course this doesn’t help if the game isn’t in English but if you can read other languages, or just like figuring things out by trial and error, then this is a great new option for grabbing those location specific games you’ve wanted to get. This does work for game and applications but not for books or music just yet.

There are some bugs with the current version including Android 4.0 compatibility issues. There is a fixed version available as well that solves this and a few other bugs but you have to be rooted and know how to modify other settings to be able to use the fixed version. If you run Android 2.2 or higher and can live with the odd bug here and there, then you can just head over to the official XDA Thread for this modified Google Play store and grab it.

Website Referenced: Android Community

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