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Android 4.0 won’t come to the HTC Sensation 4G in April

You can stop compulsively checking to see if the Ice Cream Sandwich update has arrived for your T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G. According to a moderator on the T-Mobile support forums, Android 4.0 won’t arrive for the Sensation 4G this month.

HTC originally promised the update would arrive in March, but Sensation 4G owners had to sit by while other HTC phones on other networks were getting updated. There’s no specific reason as to why it’s taking so long for the update to roll out out, but at least T-Mobile is being forthcoming with some information.

The moderator first wanted to put down speculation that T-Mobile is withholding the Sensation 4G update to boost sales of the HTC One S:

T-Mobile does not see any potential to increase HTC One S sales by delaying a software update. Sensation users will not pay hundreds of dollars for the One S only to get ICS,” moderator tmo_mikem wrote. “That’s ridiculous, when we already announced that T-Mobile and HTC are partnering on development of a Sensation ICS build.

If T-Mobile could have released the Sensation update already, they would have. Trust me.

Sensation 4G owners also may be wondering why T-Mobile won’t give some kind of release window so they can have something to look forward to. There are apparently some potential legal issues that accompany making such statements.

“The fact is that talking about software updates that can get canceled is a sticky area for legal, so the typical response is to not even hint at committing to something until it’s a certainty,” tmo_mikem wrote.

The only two options at this point is to either wait or root. Waiting is easier, but rooting can give your Sensation 4G features that HTC will never consider.

Source: T-Mobile Support

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