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[Updated] OMGPOP’s Draw Something gets updated with a few new features.

It seems as though Draw Something, the hit game from OMGPOP, keeps popping up in the news today. Instead of comparing it with future buy-out for Zynga though, this new bit of news is about an update that just got pushed out onto the Google Play store.

This new update for Draw Something brings a few new features to the game. Aside from a few bug fixes, Draw Something now includes:

– Now comes with the ability to post comments to pictures
– A new undo feature
– The ability to drag to refresh

Nothing too major but the update does address a few requests lots of players have had to add these features. If you haven’t updated yet, and you play the game often, you should do so now.

Thanks to Chris for the heads up!

Update April 18th 2012 12:33pm: There is also now a new option to enabled notifications in the setting of Draw Something. Thanks to Petrochemicals for the heads up in the comments below!

Google Play Link: Draw Something

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