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Sony is letting Android developers borrow Xperia phones to test their apps

In a move that will surely score some points with Android developers, Sony started a program that allows developers to test their apps on a number of Xperia smartphones. Developers can take part in the Device Loaner Program and borrow an Xperia phone from Sony at no charge.

By starting the Device Loaner Program, Sony is making sure its phones remain compatible with as many Android games and apps as possible. Developers who may not have the resources to acquire several different Android devices for testing can rest easy knowing it won’t cost them anything to perfect the Xperia experience.

Sony currently has 9 devices (including the Xperia Play) up for loan. A developer can have the phone for 30 days before returning it. Sony is catering to developers in the U.S. and Canada, but developers in other countries can also take part if they pay for shipping and other charges.

You may be wondering what’s stopping a “developer” from getting a phone and not returning it. Well in order to get into the Device Loaner Program, a valid credit card as to be tied to an account. Failure to return the phone will result in fees including the full unlocked price for the particular device, and a 10% restocking fee.

Source: Sony Mobile

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