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Gameloft releases their first physics-based puzzle game called Shark Dash

A few days ago we talked about Gameloft and that they were gearing up to release their first physics-based puzzle game onto mobile called Shark Dash. Well for those of you who have been waiting for this game, it is now available on the Google Play store.

In Shark Dash you will be playing as Sharky, a happy-go-lucky bath toy who isn’t so happy, or lucky for that matter, any more now because his girlfriend happens to have been kidnapped by the evil rubber ducks. So you will be controlling Sharky, along with some of his friends who he has teamed up with, and solving 96 stages of physics-based puzzles in the hopes of saving his girlfriend.

Shark Dash Features:

– Amazingly accessible gameplay: Simply drag and release the shark’s tail with your finger to launch him at the ducks!
– Dispose of the duckies, grab all the coins, and finish each level with the fewest jumps possible to earn 3 Stars! Use your Stars to unlock new levels!
– Not happy with your last shot? Undo it and try it again!
– Make your way through 96 levels with more to come in future updates!
– Visit 4 different environments, from ancient Rome to distant Japan!
– Complete tons of missions & unlock loads of achievements!

The are a total of four sharks to use, each with their own special ability to help you along the way:

– Sharkee, the hero and fearless leader of the merry band of plastic sharks
– Sawy, whose incredible saw nose can cut chains and drop heavy objects on those dastardly ducks
– Hammy, who uses his Jump Slash skill to leap through the air and hit ducks from incredible trajectories
– Scuby, Sharkee’s twin brother, a calm and meditative toy who likes to swim through the watery depths to take out duckies wherever they hide

Even though Gameloft did mention recently that all their titles that they would be releasing for Android in 2012 would be free-to-play games, Shark Dash happens to be a paid game instead. This is most likely due to the fact that it is hard to justify a physics-based puzzle game using a freemium business model. Either way, you can download Shark Dash off of the Google Play store for $0.99.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Google Play Link: Shark Dash

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