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Poll: Customer Satisfaction – Who has the best customer service?

As you may know, the Android family consists of literally¬†hundreds¬†of phones and growing by the day. If there ever was a major complaint from developers concerning device support, fingers would firmly point to fragmentation. While arguing both sides of the coin won’t probably solve much, the most important thing to consumers is customer satisfaction.

If you ever found yourself with an incompatible game, games that lag on your device or just looking to nickel and dime you only to find the developers flat out ignore your issue, it can be a little hard to vent. So we took a look at the top selling developers/publishers on Google Play and ask you, dear readers, which one are you most satisfied with? This can encompass several things from quality of the games, compatibility, fair pricing and to general customer support.

Please be fair in your choice and keep it mind that grudges against developer like your G1 unable to play Temple Run isn’t the fault of its creators. If you can’t find your favorite developer, shout it out on the comments below and choose ‘others’ on the poll, we’ll add it accordingly.



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If you have horror stories, instances of great customer support please feel free to share below.

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