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Android 4.0 comes to the HTC Sensation on Cincinnati Bell

Last week, HTC Sensation 4G owners on T-Mobile got the unfortunate news that their Ice Cream Sandwich update won’t be coming this month. T-Mobile won’t even give an estimated arrival time due to legal concerns. While T-Mobile takes more time to get its act together, Cincinnati Bell has gone ahead and rolled out Android 4.0 for its Sensation customers.

The Android 4.0.3 update started today, and will continue to roll out until April 30. The Sensation is also getting Sense 3.6.

If you’ve seen Ice Cream Sandwich running on any Sense 3.6 phone, you know HTC has done some heavy customizing to Android’s latest OS. In many ways, you can’t even tell that Ice Cream Sandwich is on the phone in the first place. Sense 4.0 is much lighter and lets more elements of ICS shine though, but HTC still has a heavy hand in regards to OS customization.

Source: Cincinnati Bell Facebook

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