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Gamescom 2012 expands with dedicated section for mobile games

Gamescom is one of a few major European gaming conferences that happens every year. This year, however, will be a little different than usual. That is because Gamescom is expanding and Gamescom 2012 will have a dedicated section for mobile gaming.

This is great for mobile game developers who are looking for more avenues to explore when looking for more exposure for your games. The overall growth of Gamescom, in terms of size, is a little over 20,000 sqm, a 15% increase in total floor space, all of which will be set aside from mobile games.

Gamescom isn’t a small event either. Last year saw 276,000 visitors head on over to Gamescom to check everything out. With the added floor space for the new mobile section, attendance should be even stronger that 2011. Good to see mobile gaming getting more and more recognition at major shows. If you are a developer and want more info, just head on over to the official Gamescom 2012 site.

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