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Goolge begins selling unlocked Galaxy Nexus on the Google Play store

As you may very well be aware of if you follow any Android site or general tech news site considering this is just blowing up right now all over, Google has just begun selling unlocked HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus’ devices through the Google Play store for $399.

Apparently Google is getting back into selling devices directly once again which tends to happen with the Nexus brand. This, however, could be a bit different this time as this Galaxy Nexus sale is found in a new Devices section on the Google Play store. Is Google planning to do this on a more permanent basis with other devices, even if it is just the Nexus brand ones? Google is also slated to release their 7″ tablet as well which could make it’s appearance on the Google Play store.

Of course if you want a contract-free unlocked Galaxy Nexus on any GSM carrier you want, you will have to dish out $399 via the Google Play store. Considering how great this device is though we are sure some people will jump on board with this new sale. Unfortunately for all our international readers, this sale is currently only available for US customers but Andy Rubin has said it will expand into additional markets soon.

If any more important information comes to light, we will update this post.

Website Referenced: Android and Me

Google Play Link: Galaxy Nexus

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