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This week in Android Crowdfunding: A lot more games available looking for funding

Welcome to another edition of our weekly series where we highlight some of the current crowdfunding projects for Android games currently running on a few of the major crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Appbackr and IndieGoGo. If you enjoy crowdfunding then lets just jump right into this weeks selection shall we?

This week we actually have a lot of titles available for crowdfunding. This is most likely largely in part because of all the success developers have been seeing on some sites with getting their projects funded, especially with Kickstarter as of late. So let’s start with Kickstarte and see what is going on over there.


Gnilley – The Yelling Game by Radix: This is an interesting concept for a game where basically you will be yelling at your mobile device. Gnilley will be a top-down Zelda style game with all the features you tend to find in an RPG title except a lot of it will be voice controlled. Radix has a goal of $10,000 with 5 days left to go.

City Conquest: Tower Defense Evolved by Intelligence Engine Design Systems: Yes this is another Tower Defense game but sporting HD visuals and some unique gameplay that you don’t really see in other Tower Defense games, City Conquest looks pretty damn awesome already. Apparently a lot of other people think so as well as they have already reached their $10,000 goal and still have 5 days left. Did we mention this Tower Defense game also has multiplayer? Definitely check this game’s Kickstarter page out for all the details.

Mircomon by MOGA: Another Pokemon style game has arrived on Kickstarter looking for funding. The first one we mentioned had location-based features, this one is a straight-up Pokemon style game with multiple towns to go through and a slew of monsters to capture and train. While the game is slated for an iOS release, the developers have said that if they reach their stretch goal of $80,000 that they will release it for Android as well. This game is very detailed, looks great and has a ton of features including day/night cycles that effect the game.

Tink! by Iceboat Studios: More of a cutesy style of game, Tink! sports some rather enjoyable cartoon graphics. The gameplay is simple enough, just shoot your frogs tongue out and nab the bugs. It is easier said then done as each scene and each type of bug present different challenges. You do have your otter friend named Otto helping you out be feeding you different booster potions. Currently Tink! is looking for $8,000 in funding with 39 days to go.

These are just four of the games available for funding over at Kickstarter. There are a few more that you can check out that look interesting as well.


RyuShima 3D: This will be a full 3D cross-platform MMORPG for PC/Mac/Browser, Android and iOS with an XBox version coming later down the line. RyuShima plans to have multiple classes players can play, some of which are not the normal ones found in other MMORPG titles such as builders. There are also plenty of different species as well like the usual Orcs, Goblins and so on but also Dragons and others you normally find as just big boss enemies in MMORPGs. Currently RyuShima 3D is looking for a total of $65,000 in funding with 24 days left to go.

Chromium Wars (Multiplayer Mode) by Miralupa: An Augmented Reality combat game but with a rather unique twist to it, it will be the first cross-platform multiplayer Augmented Reality game if the funding is successful. Slated for both Android and iOS, Chromium Wars is currently available for iOS in single-player only. This is a tank combat game with lots of customization and some solid visuals. With 42 days left to go, Miralupa is looking for $15,000 in funding.

Jubejube the Robot Monkey: An indie 3D game slated for iOS and Android, this is an action platformer in a similar style to what you would find in other games like Mario Bros except it will be have 3D visual and your monkey will be breaking out some parkour moves throughout the game in his journey to save the princess. Currently looking for $100,000 with 21 days left to go.

The Universe: Another cross-platform space MMO game slated for release on just about every platform aside from consoles including Android and iOS. This is based off of the 4X gaming type which is: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Even though this is an MMO, it is geared towards casual gamers as well as hardcore ones. There is a lot of detail to this game so definitely check out their IndieGoGo page as well. Currently looking for $4884 in funding with 30 days to go.

There are even more titles looking for funding on IndieGoGo that warrant checking out. Definitely head over there if you are looking for games to fund aside from the ones mentioned here.

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