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Hero Mages from D20 Studios getting published as a physical board game

Usually when we talk about a board game being converted over to a mobile format for Android. However, we get to report on the exact opposite of that for a change which is also highly unusual. D20 Studios, developers of the popular multiplayer strategy game Hero Mages, has just been picked up by Game Salute and will have Hero Mages published as an actual board game.

For those of you who haven’t tried out Hero Mages yet, it is a very technical and detailed online multiplayer turn-based strategy game with lots of RPG elements involved such as weapons, armor and abilities. It also takes into account things like line-of-sight when in combat. If you like great strategy games, definitely check it out for your Android device.

So if you are a fan of the game, you now get to look forward to an actual physical version of the Hero Mages game that you can play with your friends soon. No word just yet on when the game will be available in store but definitely a great turn of events for D20 Studios.

Website Referenced: Game Salute

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