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Defend your world with a C-PEW Cannon in Gravity Force 3

Developed by Refresh Creations, Gravity Force 3 is, as the developer calls it, a pew pew game. For those of you unfamiliar with what a pew pew game is, basically that means it’s a shoot-em-up, or Shmup for short.

Currently in a free Alpha edition, Gravity Force 3 is pretty straight forward. Using tap controls you just fly around and blast different types of enemies who happen to be trying to destroy you and your world. Along the way you will be able to collect power-up to help defend your home world from destruction. Your main weapon, which gets upgrades through the power-ups you find, is called a C-Pew.

Even though it is currently in an Alpha stage of development, Gravity Force 3 is actually pretty polished as-is and is pretty enjoyable for a quick shooter fix during a lunch break. The developer is currently working on bringing new types of enemies, power-ups and online leaderboards to the game. While we are not sure if the final version will be a paid game or not, nabbing this for free right now is a good plan.

Google Play Link: Gravity Force 3

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