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World of Midgard 3D cross-platform MMORPG now available in open beta

One game we have been reporting on for quite some time now is the 3D cross-platform MMORPG that has been in development for over a year called World of Midgard. Having been in closed beta status for awhile now, the developers have finally released the game as an open beta.

World of Midgard is a more ‘realistic’ looking 3D MMORPG. While there are the more cartoon-style ones like World of Warcraft, you also have more realistic looking ones such as Guild Wars where the graphics have a more real feel to them. World of Midgard takes from both styles so you have the more cartoon / animated style of characters but the environments look a little more realistic.

As with any MMORPG, you have a variety of races and classes to choose from, a slew of gear to use along with everyone’s favorite past time in an MMORPG, crafting. World of Midgard is very much a PC MMORPG and, in fact, it is available for PC/Mac as well as iOS and Android players. You have NPC villages, tons of quests, guilds, dungeons (both small party and large) and pretty much everything else you would expect to find in a full sized MMO.

Of course keep in mind that this is an open beta so there will be bugs popping up. Should you be curious to see whether your Android device can even play the game, there is a constantly updated list of devices that have been confirmed working with World of Midgard over on the forums. There is also a whole post with various tidbits of information and download instructions you will want to read if you plan on getting the game while in open beta.

Currently you can download the open beta for free and play in one starting area free of charge. For additional zones to be unlocked, mounts, booster items and all that good stuff that you can purchase in any free-to-play MMORPG, you can head over to the in-game store to purchase those. As it stands right now, we are not sure if more zones will be made available for free when the game officially launches as a full release.

Official Website: World of Midgard

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