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Guns ‘n Glory World War II gets updated with new tactical gameplay element

One of the more popular action strategy games available for Android is the Guns n’ Glory series by HandyGames. The second addition to the series called Guns n’ Glory World War 2 has received an update that brings a whole new tactical gameplay element.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Guns n’ Glory series, it is an action strategy game similar to a tower defense title but instead of stationary ‘towers’ you have moveable ones. In this case your towers are actually troops that you use to fight the enemy.

The new update brings the ability for players to call air support to fly over and drop supplies. These supplies are in the form of silver coins which you can use to buy more troops during battle. Air drops can be used at any time so if you find yourself getting overwhelmed, this is a good way to try and change things around. If you have Guns n’ Glory World War 2 then you should be able to grab the update already.

Developer Website: HandyGames

Google Play Link: Guns n’ Glory World War 2

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