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Award winning Steampunk themed adventure game Machinarium has arrived onto Android

Hothead Games have published the award winning Steampunk themed adventure game from Amanita Design called Machinarium onto the Google Play store. As you know we just love unique indie games with a unique art style to them and Machinarium falls right into this category.

In Machinarium, you will be completing challenges and solving puzzle playing as a little robot named Josef. The goal is to navigate Josef from the scrapeheap to his girlfriend who is in the city being held by the evil Black Cap Brotherhood of evil robots. Right of the jump the challenges and puzzles begin as you have to assemble your little robot first using spare parts in the pile of scrape that you are in.

Machinarium Features:

– Easy tap and drag controls
– Great unique art style and animation
– Progressively more difficult challenges as you progress through the game
– Lots of puzzle, challenges, quests and mini-games
– Award winning soundtrack

You will have a full inventory system in Machinarium as well so when you find items that you can’t immediately use, you can store them inside your little robot for later. Some items will have a use to them that isn’t immediately apparent when you get them either so thinking outside the box is necessary. The art looks almost like it is hand-drawn comic book style with that nice indie flare games like this tend to have.

If you are up for playing another unique indie game this weekend then you might want to check out Machinarium. You can download it from our Google Play synced catalog or straight from the Google Play store for $3.99. It is currently available for only some of my Android devices but that could be simply due to it still propagating through the Google Play store.

Thanks to James N. for the heads up!

Developer Website: Hothead Games

Google Play Link: Machinarium

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