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Amazon begins rolling out the beta for their Test Drive App Store feature on Android phones

Amazon’s web-based Test Drive app has begun rolling out in beta form onto select Android phones. Amazon’s Test Drive was an applet on the Amazon App Store which allowed gamers to test drive Android games and applications through the browser before making the decision to buy the game or app they were trying out.

The beta for the Test Drive application for Android phones is currently rolling out to select Android phones who have the latest build of the Amazon App Store application installed on them. The Test Drive application itself is integrated right into the App Store’s application so there won’t be a need to download anything unless you haven’t updated the App Store’s application to the latest build, version 2.6.53 or higher.

When browsing through the app, games and applications that are enabled to be test driven will display a button that simply says ‘Test Drive’. Clicking on this will load the Test Drive feature up and you will be able to play the game you wanted to try out or fiddle with the app you were interested in. The Test Drive period lasts for 10 minutes during which, at any point, you can buy the app or game you are testing. Whatever you are testing runs as though it were actually installed on your phone as well.

Obviously, if you don’t have access to the Amazon App Store (those of you outside the U.S.) then you’ll have to wait till the Amazon App Store final expands to your area. Roll out has begun on select Android phones and more phone models will be added in the near future. If you have access to the new Test Drive feature, you’ll see the ‘Test Drive’ button appear.

Source: Amazon Developers Blog

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